Monday, June 22, 2015

Omg am I a blogger now?

Hello my name is Dahlia Iman and this is my  
       very first post on my very own blog.
Hello nama saya Dahlia Iman dan ini adalah             pos saya yang pertama di belog saya.

A couple of weeks ( or should I say years ) ago,         when I felt so lonely, sad, depressed 
     and everything that is related to all that 
        stuffs. I had no friends to express 
           all my feelings to. Well, I had a 
  few but none of them ever understand me           well enough and I was kinda disappointed 
  ( hala sedihnya, haha ). Despite none of my
 friends understand me that well, I am still friends with them and we are currently best           buddies until this moment ( friendship goals happening here, lol ).

     We had a name for our  squad and it was         called "JUVANERS" hahahahha. I dont                  remember how we even came up with that        name but yea. Oh oh, wait, I think I remember           how we all came up to the idea of                            naming our so-called squad,                           "JUVANERS". It  happened when one day I       came to school. The day before, I was watching this amazing movie called "Juvana".      This movie was basically about a journey of some bad boys who were sent to a juvenile          school and then they wanted to "bertaubat"
oh well, I guess you guys can guess whats gonna happen so on. Back to the topic, I was so influenced by that movie that I actually brought my influence to school but it was not a    bad influence so dont worry, nothing bad happened at school. My friends and I, we were   just doing a parody of that movie and had a second thought that when we think about              it again, only bad kids are sent to a juvenile school while we ( my friends and I ) are also bad kids, well, not bad kids but just               naughty ones so we thought of naming our squad "JUVANERS"  and thats how things              started to happen. Weird I know, haha.

Well, back to the MAIN topic. As I said, none of   my friends ( including my best buddies ) ever understand me well, I just felt like I still need to
  express my feelings to at least "somebody"
   so thats how I had the intention to actually 
create a blog ( damn so cliché, haha ) BUT then, comes a beautiful one fine day, where I 
    found a person who Im proud to call my
    "BESTFRIEND". I seriously dont remember         how we knew each other but shes still the person who I call my bestfriend until this time.     Shes the person who I express my feelings and tell all my secrets to. I believe her the most.

Im pretty sure ( maybe ) that 3/4 of you people    are wondering "eh budak ni, kalau dah ada kawan nak express semua kau punya feelings,   kenapa nak buat belog lagi?" hehehe betul tak????? Ha so the answer to your question is   
   that, I just wanted to have a second copy of what is happening through my whole life so
  when I get older, I can read through all my blogs again and now terbuka lah pula hati iolls 
   ni nak cerita tentang perjalanan kehidupan
iolls bersama uolls semua ni hahaha. I know 
   this is a very boring and quite lengthy first post for a first timer kan hahaha but whatevs.
 Dah cerita dah pun hahaha so I guess thats
about it. See y'all on my second post and sorry if I had any grammar mistake along this long crappy post. My English takdelah bagus mana pon so yea til we meet again, bye. #muahciked

                           xoxo, Dahlia

Ive seen my preview before posting this. Man, it was very boring but I still hope you guys would still like it somehow hahaha merepek la kau ni Dahlia. Like seriously, kalau dibandingkan with all the other long but colourful vocabs blogs attached with colourful pictures. MashaAllah, I think this is the worst but anyways this is my first try so yea huehuehue. HA IOLLS TAHU UOLLS DAH BORING KAN HAHA SO IOLLS NAK END POS UNTUK HARINI SAMPAI DI SINI SAHAJA. Hope y'all are gonna have a great life ahead. Much love, Dahlia. Byeeeee

  There you go, a picture of the "Juvaners" :))